Prem Sahib, ‘Flesh Tunnel’, 2017, Mendes Wood DM

About Prem Sahib

Prem Sahib’s sculptures and installations explore both formalism and autobiographical themes. He is known for his minimalist sculptures with an affinity for simple geometry and sparse palettes. More recently, Sahib has experimented with relief and reflections of color; in works like Three in One (2013), the artist applies a bright color to the wall-facing side of a sculpture, which then reflects in a soft glow on the wall. His abstract works in fact all contain narratives that Sahib identifies as “a lurking presence.” They refer or explore themes related to sexual identity and queer culture. Some of his immersive installations refer more directly to the gay club scene. He has in the past collaborated with his former classmate Eddie Peake.

British , b. 1982, London, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom