PROTOROOM (Hoonida Kim, SeungBum Kim), ‘ Feedback of MetaPixels-Language for Digital Atoms’, 2017, Nam June Paik Art Center

At the earlier stage of digital technology, the pixel was in the limelight at the interface between man and the digital at the earlier stage of digital technology, but later became increasingly obscure due to the development of display technology. Now, through high-quality digital images, we got one step nearer to the seamless interaction with machines. However, have pixels really disappeared? To visualize the pixel as the atomic being of the digital media, PROTOROOM produces a camera which can do an interactive language play with a computer and installs it to invite the audience’s participation in the process of communication. By creating the process in which we can sense and communicate pixels, hidden under the surface in this HD-oriented digital society, in a direct but unfamiliar way, the artists give them the new life as ‘metapixel’ both as a part of the world and an individual.

Image rights: Installation view at Nam June Paik Art Center

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