Prudence Ainslie, ‘Finestra - in (red)’, 2016, Rabley Contemporary

Prudence Ainslie documents place with the intention of re-analysing and processing the viewing experience. She is concerned with the relationship between the three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Her atmospheric images of Iceland are folded three–dimensional objects, re-photographed, capturing both the scene and the shadow cast. These print are unified by a flattening plane of woodcut. She studied Fine Art Print at the University of Brighton, UK (2013).

Series: Titians Garden

Signature: Prudence Ainslie

Image rights: Rabley Contemporary and the artist.

Publisher: Rabley Editions

Isola Exhibition, Rabley Contemporary, Rabley Drawing Centre 2016

UK: University Of Brighton, London Original Print Fair; Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; National Open Print, London. Collections: UK: Golder-Thompson Collection; Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Rabley Gallery and the artist.

About Prudence Ainslie