Prune Nourry, ‘Imbalance Terracotta Daughter Head’, 2016, Danysz Gallery

About Prune Nourry

In her bold, multidisciplinary practice—combining high concept with performance, photography, video, and sculpture—Prune Nourry makes incisive statements about issues from gender politics to cultural dialogue. She is best known for The Spermbar (2011), a project for which she installed a food cart in New York where a mixologist translated desired sperm donor traits into vials of cocktails—brown eyes meant apple juice, a college degree meant a splash of soda. For Nourry, the work was a commentary on the commoditization of sperm donorship in America. In her recent Holy River project (2011), she commissioned male artisans in Kolkata, India, to create a large clay sculpture of an imaginary female/cow hybrid deity and parade it through a traditional Hindu festival before dumping it in the Ganges river—an ironic juxtaposition of the supposed sacred purity of woman, cow, and river in Indian culture and their real mistreatment and pollution.

French, b. 1985, Paris, France, based in New York, New York