PU TSONG 莊普, ‘Fluid Changes of Consciousness’, 2015, Eslite Gallery

TSONG Pu was born in Shanghai in 1947 and came to Taiwan in 1949. After graduating from Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School in 1969, TSONG enrolled into La Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando de Madrio in 1973 and stayed in Spain for eight years in total. In 1981, he returned to Taiwan and helped found some spaces of contemporary art such as Studio of Contemporary Art (SOCA) and IT Park, and he also became one of the representatives of abstract art in Taiwan.

The basic unit of TSONG's painting is square stamp, by which he expresses the movement and self-autonomy of artistic ideas in the cubic or geometric hard-edge compositions. From grid dividing, stamping, to ordering, TSONG's stamp painting recalls the technique of pointillists, but he aims not at mimetic representation. Instead, he seeks, through his formal language, to express the dynamics that "one breeds thousands." The sequence and movement of the stamps and the varied density of colors reflect the artist's mindscape that is both self-regulating and freedom-loving. Recently, TSONG introduces daily ready-mades such as aluminum and paper into his stamp painting, so as to underscore the overlapping or confrontation of microscopic spaces. The ready-mades of varied textures and weights may slant on the canvas or give rise to other figures. They become the visual foci and perform changes amidst order and harmony. "Change is existence," said TSONG Pu. He has been regulating and simplifying his ideas and seeking differences in the same. He transforms everyday things into "rhetorical language and punctuations marks, making them poetic."

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About PU TSONG 莊普

Taiwanese, b. 1947, Shanghai, China, based in Taipei, Taiwan

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