Qin Feng 秦风, ‘Desire Scenery 018’, 2016, Michael Goedhuis

About Qin Feng 秦风

Considered a leading ink painter, Qin Feng represents China’s avant-garde movement. Invited by the German government to curate an exhibition in Germany in order to promote cultural exchange between the two countries, Qin moved to Berlin in the ’90s where he began to fuse Western modernism and the Chinese ink tradition in abstract compositions. Feng uses traditional calligraphic materials but employs his brush with the unrestrained energy of the Abstract Expressionists. Inspired by his upbringing in Xinjiang, a multicultural intersection of the silk roads, Qin has incorporated Chinese, Uighur, Arabic, and Russian language into his work. In recent years, Qin has overlaid pieces of ancient Chinese furniture over ink paintings, reconfiguring them within his explosive abstract marks.

Chinese, b. 1961, Xinjiang Province, China, based in United States