Qiu Deshu 仇德树, ‘Fissuring’, 2009, Pearl Lam Galleries

About Qiu Deshu 仇德树

Trained in the classical style of Chinese painting, Qiu Deshu fuses tradition with more recent innovations such as synthetic polymer paint. After working in factories and making propagandist paintings during the Cultural Revolution, Qiu began pushing the limits of his formal training, experimenting and playing with ideas he saw in art historical texts that were then newly allowed in China. He began to use fissuring as a principle technique—working by tearing, rubbing, and carving Xuan paper as well as painting with acrylics—breaking from the centuries-old style of Chinese painting in which ink was the determining condition of the composition. His abstract compositions bear color schemes and shapes that suggest landscapes while evoking historical Chinese painting and Impressionism as well as digital art.

Chinese, b. 1948, Shanghai, China