Quek Kiat Sing, ‘Olympia Suntanning Outside Church’, Artist's Proof

In this new series of works, Quek employs images of familiar French Impressionist Paintings as the motifs. Xie-Yi Chinese Painting has often been translated into Impressionistic Style. It is interesting to see how French Impressionistic Painting which was once regarded as crude and unfinished could be further minimalized by Chinese impressionistic ink strokes. The idea of copy in Chinese Ink Painting is nothing new.

It is, in fact, intrinsic at the early stage of the practice and to coincide it with the trajectory of appropriation in Western Modern Art was exciting for Quek. And thus she started rearranging these motifs in accordance with her compositional training in Chinese Ink Painting. To Quek, it is like rearranging a piece of classical music with an Asian twist. Therefore she entitled it Fantasy Arrangement or Arrangement Fantastique in French.

Series: Arrangement Fantastique

About Quek Kiat Sing

Singaporean, b. 1972, Singapore