R. Luke DuBois, ‘Synaesthetic Object (Birds)’, 2004, bitforms gallery

'Birds' (2004) is one of DuBois' 'Synaesthetic Objects', used in live performance since 1999 and available as an installation work. The piece translates sound from a pressure-zone (boundary) microphone into a generative 3D work on an LCD monitor. The work, originally written for performance with violinist Todd Reynolds, visualizes the sound in the room as a quartet of flocking shapes of digital origami, where the folds in their shapes correspond to the roughness of the sound in the room. Sounds of different rhythms and amplitudes cause these 'birds' to grow in size and pirouette around one another in an imitative counterpoint to what they hear, leaving colorized contrails in their wake. Part media transcoding, part artificial life simulation, part interactive painting, the works in this series look at the ways in which we can use imagery to embody and amplify aural experience.

Dimensions vary with installation.

About R. Luke DuBois

Known as a software engineer, composer, and artist, R. Luke DuBois creates visual and sonic works that distill historical eras and cultural phenomena down to a single image or a few seconds of sound or video. DuBois’ collections capture both the zeitgeist and the past, articulating cultural trends in meaningful new ways. For the Democratic National Convention in 2008, DuBois collated into a folio a series of 41 text-based prints resembling the layout of a Snellen eye chart, entitled “Hindsight Is Always 20/20.” Having examined the rhetoric of every successive American president’s State of the Union Address, DuBois determined which words were used most by each president. Devoting one print per president, he stacked the words from most used to least, as well as largest to smallest.

American, b. 1975, based in New York, New York