Rachel Bess, ‘Slithering Familiars’, 2016, Lisa Sette Gallery

11" x 9" framed
framed pricing shown

About Rachel Bess

A self-proclaimed “goth kid”, Rachel Bess indulges her penchant for the macabre and interest in forensics with figurative representations of animal skeletons, human skulls, and eerie, surrealistic landscapes. All her paintings are based on science and the natural world, focusing on what she describes as “the continuum of relationships between humans and the rest of nature—from a harmonic and mutually beneficial relationship to an adversarial one where we try to shape, dominate and control our natural surroundings.” Painting in oil on panel, Bess has been compared to the 17th-century Dutch Masters for her Baroque style and realist painting skills. Her work is also inspired by satirical comic books and street culture.

American, b. 1979, based in Phoenix, AZ, United States