Rachel Harrison, ‘Chanel No 82’, 2010, Whitechapel Gallery

For this limited edition artwork - produced especially for The Whitechapel Gallery - Harrison collapses several portraits into a single image. Through her practice of painting photographs, Harrison takes a medium designed in many ways for multiplicity and converts it into a unique work. With the edition this process is reversed, but also acknowledged through the matching of both the reproduced paint and photograph with the colour bar.

Signature: Signed and numbered.

Image rights: Copyright Whitechapel Gallery

About Rachel Harrison

Describing her approach as “intuition combined with thinking,” Rachel Harrison engages with art history and contemporary culture, and the role of the artist and sculpture in society, in her own flamboyant, totemic sculptures and installations. The DIY look of her works, often shown in groups in multifaceted, multimedia installations, belies their careful craftsmanship. Her sculptures appear as semi-figurative monoliths assembled from abstract forms and consumer products, including canned goods, magazines, plastic food, and wigs. Through them, Harrison questions the traditional function of figurative sculpture to memorialize and idealize, while drawing attention to the deluge of trivial, throwaway objects by which we are surrounded. She often honors, or sends up, famous historical and contemporary figures in her works, including Tiger Woods (2007), whose focal point is a can of green tea with the image of another famous golfer (Arnold Palmer) on it.

American, b. 1966, New York, New York