Rachel Rossin, ‘Mirror Milk 2’, 2016, ZieherSmith

Image rights: Image courtesy of ZieherSmith, NY

About Rachel Rossin

The New Museum and New INC’s first-ever virtual reality fellow, New York-based artist Rachel Rossin works at the forefront of this new medium, creating imaginary digital worlds that can only be accessed through an Oculus Rift. A self-taught programmer, Rossin blends together images from art history, popular culture, and modern technology in her virtual reality simulations, which have been described as “algorithmic collages,” “gravity-defying 360° views,” and “dantesque underworlds.” For the first time in her practice, Rossin merged painting and virtual reality for her exhibition “Lossy” at ZieherSmith gallery in 2015. She displayed abstract paintings alongside Oculus headsets, which provided viewers with an immersive experience inspired in part by the paintings themselves.

American, b. 1987, West Palm Beach, Florida, based in New York, New York