Rachelle Krieger, ‘Rocks and Rays 26’, 2016, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Rachelle Krieger

Relying on nature as a source material, Rachelle Krieger often paints en plein air, taking her canvas to the outdoors in a process she finds exhilarating. In abstract compositions, Krieger captures the chaotic, emotional nature of her surrounding landscape, even painting among windy conditions near her home in Port Washington, New York, and tying her paintings to the easel as a result. Along with the colors and forms she derives from nature, windy days add an additional element to her canvas—the inclusion of small twigs and blades of grass. Using oil, watercolor, drawing, and sumi ink, Krieger paints trees, skies, and natural textures in loose, bold brushstrokes. Ultimately, she represents her formal, plein-air subject matter in lyrical and abstract renderings.

American, based in Port Washington, New York