Rafaël Rozendaal, ‘jello time .com’, 2007, Rhizome ArtBase
Rafaël Rozendaal, ‘jello time .com’, 2007, Rhizome ArtBase

An interactive depiction of a Jello dessert.

Dimensions variable.

Jell Time .com, 2008 Collection of Sebastien de Ganay

About Rafaël Rozendaal

Net artist Rafaël Rozendaal works primarily with websites, producing animated abstract patterns and interactive images that explore the screen as pictorial space. His brightly colored graphics often shift or pulsate with light, while in other images he explores simple movement and gesture, as in paper toilet .com (2006), in which visitors to the site can unravel a roll of toilet paper in virtual space, or jello time .com (2007), where visitors can poke a quivering mass of jello. Rozendaal broke ground when he began to sell his net artworks; in exchange for the purchase of one of Rozendaal’s domain names, a collector’s name appears in the title bar of the work, and the site remains public and accessible to viewers worldwide. “I hope my pieces become independent entities that are part of people’s lives and can be used or seen in any way,” Rozendaal says.

Dutch-Brazilian, b. 1980, The Netherlands

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