Rafał Bujnowski, ‘Snow Monuments’, 2009, Raster

Series of 3 paintings: 50 x 50 cm each

About Rafał Bujnowski

In addition to video, sculpture, and performance, Rafal Bujnowski produces conceptual paintings that analyze the tension between illusionism and the actual construction of an artwork. His works often abstract what he calls "fetishized" images, such as the Pope or Old Master paintings, to interrogate contemporary visual culture. Mostly working in series and multiples, his works also question ideas of mass production and standardization versus original artistic creation. Bujnowski's practice as a whole seeks to embody the struggles and redundancies of producing art objects in today's consumer-driven art market, entering into conversation with the iconic legacy of Marcel Duchamp's readymades.

Polish, b. 1974, Wadowice, Poland, based in Krakow, Poland