Rafik Majzoub, ‘Umbrella above the rain’, 2014, Art On 56th

And wash all the whisky away.
Time to end this
Time to end this
Facing the face the rst thing one face morning time mirror wash your own face to face
a new day
Wash what and what for, wash again what goes on when we sleep,coee coee coee
blank space time to ll it out black lines on and on forming a face a bucket of clear
water wash it delete it re do black lines over again on wet canvas have a cig coee
coee coee black lines on top of washed wet black lines the image start to get some
kind of life in it still wet and some drops of water dripping slowly wait the face-the
image is almost done or maybe not yet time to have a small talk with it look use time it
could be done or not yet
Blank white space
Blank white space
Blank white space
Black lines over and over
Go out and let the rain wash it all.
Tomorrow is just an another day