Ragellah Rourke, ‘Night Music I’, 2017, Carrie Haddad Gallery

40 x 30 inches
acrylic on canvas

This contemporary, abstract symbolist style acrylic painting was created by Hudson Valley based artist, Ragellah Rourke in 2017. This most recent body of work focuses on relationships between color and space. A neutral beige palette provides a base for overlapping forms in black, white and a brilliant glistening gold. Hints of warm yellow are blended into the surface while paint is built up in rectangular shapes for an interesting impasto effect. Elements of symbolism, reminiscent of Gustav Klimt, decorate the composition with abstract markings and calligraphic gestural brushwork. This painting can be hung vertically or horizontally to your preference and there is wire backing for quick installation. The sides are painted a muted grey so framing is not necessary.

Artist Statement:
My paintings are very textural and built up slowly over long periods of time. Plaster is first applied to the surface of the painting. The plastered surface allows me to work in a way that suits my search and discovery approach. I draw, scratch, sand, and incise into the plaster .The surface holds the memory of the painting’s development, all the time looking for clues for what will come next. Transparent, watery, washes of paint are applied over parts of the surface, exposing or covering the preexisting marks and textures. I look for connections between the forms that develop. They are never something that I logically calculate, but rather a long string of chances, thoughts, and guesses. The appearance and meaning develop throughout the progression of the painting. It is a continuous search for resolution, balance and mystery within the painting.

Signature: Verso

About Ragellah Rourke

American, b. 1963, Albany, NY, United States, based in East Berne, NY, United States