Rain Harris, ‘Glacialis’, 2014, Duane Reed Gallery

About Rain Harris

Sculpting opulent clay vessels by hand, Rain Harris questions perceptions of wealth and taste by molding lowbrow materials into refined objects, or by manipulating delicate forms into seductively grotesque and bulbous creations. Harris’ “Poison Bottle” series juxtaposes the biomorphic and the manmade, forming simultaneously alluring and repulsive totemic forms based on geometric motifs hidden within the natural world and in botanical drawings. Balancing tasteful elegance with decadent excess, Harris’ “Porcelain, Resin, and Clay Flowers” series coats silk flowers with resin and and black clay, alluding to morbid Victorian inclinations. Inspired by the natural world and human emphasis on beauty, Harris’ art is made more complex by its masking of the artist’s hand and mimicry of nature.

American, based in Kansas City, Missouri

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