Rajul Shah, ‘I Dream of Fuji ’, Kitano Alley Gallery

Born 1968 in Mumbai, India, raised in the USA and now living in Tokyo, Japan; Rajul Shah retired from a 20-year career as a healthcare executive to pursue her passion in Art in 2012.

An up and coming artist who combines her passion for travel and adventure with Art, Rajul seeks to create expressionistic compositions that capture the spirit of a place, a time, a memory, or an experience.

Rajul’s artwork is heavily influenced by her Indian heritage and time spent living and studying art in Japan. The richness of India with its festive colors and the aesthetic use of negative space in Japanese Brush Painting allow her compositions to have unique expressions of color and space.

There is a consistent evolution of artistic expression as Rajul experiments across mixed media to create texture and layers of color, integrating a variety of materials including mica, acrylic, oil, gold, silver and/or copper. Blending techniques across contemporary and traditional mediums are perfected. The result allows for a dynamic interaction of light and color between the spectator and the painting.

Rajul saw her first Monet at the age of 10; and ever since then, knew someday she would learn to paint. Her first love of art was in the photography and drawing mediums. Learning photography taught Rajul the importance of composition. Drawing gave her an opportunity to “play” with space. After reaching Japan in 2012, Rajul heavily pursued studio classes in Drawing, oil and Nihonga (Japanese) painting. She came to love and focus on painting.

Her end goal is to create paintings that impart emotion, whether it is excitement, desire, inspiration, peace or a sense of adventure.

Rajul has exhibited at the Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo and will be exhibiting at the Kitano Alley Gallery in Kobe in October 2017; and at the India Art Festival in February, 2018. She is a member of WAAT (Women’s Art Association of Tokyo)

(With) Peace... (In) ART... (To the) Soul.

Mixed Media, Acrylic & Gold Leaf


1990 Drexel University – Bachelor of Science
2002 Fairleigh Dickinson University – Masters of Business Administration

2012 to present

Temple University, Tokyo Tyler School of Art – Continuing Education
Studio Classes in Oil, Drawing, Nihonga, Photography


October, 2016: Indian Icons, Design Festa Gallery – Harajuku, Tokyo

November 2016: Tokyo American Club IB – Womens Artist Association of Tokyo (WAAT)

March, 2017: Blossom Blast Daily Rotating Easel

October, 2017: The Fuji Collection – Kitano Alley Gallery, Kobe, Japan

February 2018: India Art Festival, Mumbai India

Articles/ Blogs:


Canvas Dreams: https://issuu.com/intouch_magazine/docs/jan2014_intouch

About Rajul Shah

USA, b. 1968, Mumbai, India, based in Tokyo, Japan

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