Ralf Ziervogel, ‘Floss’, 2016, Regina Gallery
Ralf Ziervogel, ‘Floss’, 2016, Regina Gallery

About Ralf Ziervogel

Ralf Ziervogel’s multimedia installations and ink-on-paper drawings, which can measure up to seven meters high, explore systems of decomposition, depicting cartoonish human bodies engaging in cruel acts of violence and referencing imagery from popular culture and contemporary film. Seemingly occupying a purgatorial realm, the figures invoke the art of Géricault and Goya; however, Ziervogel has recently announced that he’s finished with the human body: “the declination of the human body is complete,” he says. Ziervogel also produces installations that combine drawing and architectural elements, questioning the way we look at and present art.

German, b. 1975, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany

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