Ralph Bakker, ‘Sweet Thing Square’, 2015, Antonella Villanova

About Ralph Bakker

Working in gold, silver, precious gems, pearls, and enamel to create precious and delicate pieces, Dutch jewelry artist Ralph Bakker blends wearable jewelry with high-end art. Trained as a traditional goldsmith, Bakker’s intentions are most pure. As he states, “My aim is to make a good piece of jewelry, and whether it is defined as art is up to others.” Oftentimes using traditional materials and archetypal forms of jewelry, such as plain linkchains, Bakker produces creations that are inspired directly from the material itself. Greatly influenced by his time at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he came to cherish and maintain tradition, Bakker’s pieces are classic in craft and design, yet mixed with a modern sensibility and everyday wearability.

Dutch, b. 1958