Ramiro Gomez, ‘A Woman Waiting (Hell's Kitchen)’, 2018, P.P.O.W

About Ramiro Gomez

In his understated paintings and works on paper, Ramiro Gomez draws attention to the invisible domestic workers and day laborers upon which luxury lifestyles depend. His work stems from personal experience. The son of Mexican immigrants, he worked as a live-in nanny for families in West Hollywood and Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles after completing art school. He noted the complex interpersonal and class dynamics between the heads of these wealthy households and their staff, who serve as the faceless protagonists in Gomez’s work. In his “Magazine” series, for example, he tore out advertisements from luxury lifestyle magazines and painted in the workers who maintain the opulent spaces these images promote. “My motive is to create empathy with the figure’s labor and intervene in the bourgeois spaces that shape the seemingly endless desire for material interests at their expense,” Gomez explains.

b. 1986, based in Los Angeles, California

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Charlie James Gallery at Zona MACO 2015
Charlie James Gallery at PULSE Miami Beach 2014
Charlie James Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2014