Ramkinkar Baij, ‘Untitled (Women in Paddy Fields)’, Christie's South Asian + Chinese

Through his work, Ramkinkar Baij helped bridge the gap between Indian and Western modern art. Like his teacher and mentor Nandalal Bose, Baij experimented with a variety of painting styles and techniques and was a pioneer of modern Indian sculpture. Bose encouraged Baij to learn English and study European art in order to establish a place for himself within the larger international art world. As a leading artist of his time, Baij "[...] painted like a poet who saw life in every animate and inanimate thing around him." (R. Siva Kumar, Ramkinkar Baij: A Retrospective, New Delhi, 2012, p. 12)

Untitled (Women in Paddy Fields) is a naturalistic landscape melded with elements of industry. The abstracted figures and freely drawn lines offer an ambiguous and intriguing composition. Though the colors are generally not naturalistic in relation to their placement in the setting, Baij has a remarkable skill of using the palette to convey mood and evoke sentiment. In this painting, he successfully transforms what could be an ordinary and familiar scene into an otherworldly place.

Signature: signed in Bengali (lower right)

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About Ramkinkar Baij

Indian, 1906-1980, Bankura, India

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Dag Modern, 
New York,
The Art of Bengal

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