Ramon Alejandro, ‘El Solticio de Invierno’, 2017, MLA Gallery
Ramon Alejandro, ‘El Solticio de Invierno’, 2017, MLA Gallery

Museum quality, original work like this painting, is becoming scarce, and very difficult to find. Alejandro is focusing his efforts on just a few oil paintings per year. As a result, paintings of this caliber are very sought after, and will more than likely appreciate dramatically over time.

Alejandro's recent work is characterized by poetic nostalgia. Amid landscapes bounded by distant cliffs, remote mountains, or calm seas there rise vast stone constructions which, like the mysterious monuments based in the Hindu principle of the mandala, have openings to each of the four points of the compass. They seem to be illustrations for works of science fiction or visions of a world of sheer illusion. Each element is defined in detail by the sure, skilled hand of a mature artist, constantly on the advance, whose creations exert a beguiling effect upon the viewer.

Signature: signed in a rather extravagant fashion, verso.

acquired directly from the artist.

About Ramon Alejandro

Cuban, b. 1943, Cuba, based in Miami, FL, United States