Ran Ortner, ‘Element No.1’, 2013, Mana Contemporary

About Ran Ortner

Ran Ortner creates massive photorealistic paintings of frothy, rolling waves with glowing sunlight illuminating the water’s surface. By producing such large-scale paintings—some measure up to 8 x 32 feet—the artist creates an immersive experience capable of transporting the viewer into their evocative swells. As a surfer, Ornter has a deep reverence for the elements of water and light. Every painting illustrates his intimate knowledge of the ocean’s contradictory potential for both violence and serenity. Ortner won the inaugural ArtPrize in 2009, and his work Element No. 5 (2013) was exhibited in the United Nations World Forum’s lobby in 2013 in honor of World Water Day.

American, b. 1959

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