Rancourt/Yatsuk, ‘Villagio’, 2015, Kate Werble Gallery

About Rancourt/Yatsuk

Justin Rancourt and Chuck Yatsuk are self-proclaimed “lifestyle” artists, staging socially conscious, often interactive works of visual and performance art. Basing their artworks on American leisure activities and domestic life, Rancourt / Yatsuk seek to both cut through and engage in the tricks and secrets of internet-based marketing. Phase IV, for example, was inspired by housing developments in Florida built on swampland and scams, which stand now as failed ideals. In Phase IV, fictitious realtor Don Donavucci hosts an open house and attempts to sell a modular stucco home, addressing and exposing the underbelly of urbanization, human ecology, and unsustainable building practices in the process. The duo mobilizes the suspension of disbelief which the internet allows to reveal questionable marketing tactics, all while asking viewers to think critically and cynically.

American, b. 2007