Random Act, ‘There Came a Great Freedom’, 2012, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

Work ships from Los Angeles.

Andrea LaHue, also known as Random Act, is a treasure of the Los Angeles street art scene. Since 2013, LaHue’s non-profit organization, Random Act Projects, has provided a platform to forge connections between local artists and their communities. In partnership with the Google Cultural Institute Street Art Platform, Ms. LaHue has done invaluable work archiving street art in free, online galleries. LaHue’s own artistic output centers on connecting viewers through our shared ecology, and concerns for its conservation; it is apt, then, that the primary motif in her own artworks is the flower. Her murals and canvases function like bouquets, gifts to strangers on the street, selected as much for their beauty as for their impermanence. In context of contemporary street art, especially in Los Angeles, her talent for figurative illustration and layered, collage-like application of wheatpastes commands attention with its singularity, a quality continually fortified by the artist’s warmth and generosity of spirit, visible at first glance. Ms. LaHue has shown work in the Museum of Latin American Art, among others, and has been reviewed in media outlets including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, and The Associated Press. Last year, she was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the City of Los Angeles for her cultural contributions.
—Courtesy of Michael Carli

Signature: SIgned

Image rights: Image courtesy of Lizy Dastin

About Random Act

Andrea LaHue, a.k.a. Random Act, is best known for her project “Cross Country Random Acts of Flowers,” in which the artist paints large-scale botanical murals on abandoned buildings throughout America. With a family deeply involved in the American military, LaHue felt compelled to find a means of raising spirits in communities struggling with the effects of war and economic depression. To date, LaHue has painted over 200 flowers in 50 cities across the country, and has further developed her work with the inclusion of select portraits of historical American icons.