Rania Matar, ‘Marguerita 14, Naccache, Lebanon 2015’, 2015, Pictura Gallery

Series: Becoming

Image rights: Rania Matar


I had photographed pre-pubescent girls for the past few years in a project titled L’Enfant-Femme. This past year, as I started working on a new body of work photographing middle school kids, I photographed again some of the girls I had photographed three years earlier - both in the United States and in the Middle East. While they were 8 to 11 the first time I had photographed them, they were now 10 to 14 and they were very different. From there emerged this new side photography project, following a few girls into puberty through the teenage years and hopefully young adulthood. I found it very interesting to simultaneously see the individuality of each of those girls as they develop their own identities and grow up, but also the universality of being a girl undergoing those natural transformations. Subtle changes in body language, hand gestures, feet positions and attitude are the focus of these photographs.

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