Ravi Agarwal, ‘Salt Pan’, 2015, Gallery Espace

About Ravi Agarwal

Artist, writer, curator, and environmental activist Ravi Agarwal produces photographs, videos, and installations, through which he exposes the destruction of the natural world and the communities who rely most heavily upon it. Through his work, he bears witness to a process of dominance and transformation, which he describes: “As distinct from nature in its ‘wild’ state, as part of the human domain, nature becomes culture.” As he attests in unflinching, documentary images of parched fields, the polluted Yamuna River, crumbling buildings, and people laboring at the edges of Indian society, nature and humanity are degraded alike in the name of progress. In his later, more lyrical work, Agarwal focuses on identity, presenting the body as machine and as landscape, a fragile ecological system that is subject (like nature) to decay, misuse, and death.

Indian, b. 1958, New Delhi, India, based in New Delhi, India

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