Ravinder Reddy, ‘Head’, 2009, Bugno Art Gallery

About Ravinder Reddy

Claiming “for me transient emotions and feelings do not play any role in the creation of an object. I am concerned with forms that are universally understood,” celebrated contemporary Indian artist Ravinder Reddy produces sculptures of the most universal forms of all: women’s heads and bodies. He has been pursuing his unending fascination with the female form since the 1980s. Often monumentally scaled, with wide eyes, blocky features, and garishly colored skin, Reddy’s sculptures of women are inspired by Pop Art portraits and modeled after traditional Indian religious statuary, depictions and descriptions of Hindu goddesses, and the local women by which he is surrounded. At once alluring and monstrous, they read as celebrations of the female figure in all its shapely variety and as parodies of the ideal of feminine beauty in traditional and contemporary Indian culture.

Indian, b. 1956, Suryapet, India

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