Ray Yoshida, ‘Unbelievable Refuge’, 1980, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

London, England, Camden Art Centre, Who Chicago?, December 10, 1980 - January 25, 1981; Sunderland, England, Ceolfrith Arts Center, February 16 - March 14, 1981; Glasgow, Scotland, Third Eye Centre, March 21 - April 30,1981; Edinburgh, Scotland, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, May - June, 1981; Belfast, Ireland, Ulster Museum, July - August, 1981

Dennis Adrian and Russell Bowman, Who Chicago?, Sunderland, No. 176, p. 190, illus.

Property from the Collection of Mrs. Mary Jean Thomson, Riverwoods, Illinois

Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago

About Ray Yoshida

A longtime professor at the Art Institute of Chicago, Ray Yoshida influenced generations of artists over four decades, including Jim Nutt, Roger Brown, and Christina Ramberg. Associated with Chicago's Imagism tradition, which opposed the reigning abstraction of the day and found value in figuration, Surrealism, humor, and everyday visual culture, Yoshida is known for his "Comic Book Specimen" collages beginning in the late 1960s, as well as for later semi-abstract paintings using oddball imagery, rich pattern and color, and idiosyncratic techniques.

American, 1930-2009, Kapaa, Hawaii, based in Chicago, Illinois

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