Rebecca Crook, ‘Bikita Minerals Primary School - Zimbabwe’, 2016, Museum of African Design (MOAD)


Grade 1 scholars at Bikita Mines Primary School copy number names from the board on the first day of school. In the back Blessing Manex, a student teacher attending Masvingo Teachers College, observes veteran teacher Martha Tazai. Says Mr. Manex, “It is easy to bend a tree when it is still tender. That’s why I want to be a primary school teacher. My dream for my students is that they will go on to achieve their dreams. And I want them to have good ethics and values and always be proud of the society they come from.”

Speaking to and observing young teachers gave me such a sense of hope. I believe that educators have the solutions to the challenges many classrooms and education systems across the globe face. They need support to make their insights a reality that reforms the oft broken systems we currently have.

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