Rebecca Crook, ‘Chitsanzo Private Primary School Malawi ’, 2016, Museum of African Design (MOAD)


“The thing that makes me happy about the school--I mean you can look and the facilities here are not good for school-- but the one thing that is encouraging us to send our kids here is the way they teach. The standard of teaching is very good. They monitor. They go for each student. Congestion at the primary school makes it hard for the teachers to know the progress of every student. But here they know where everyone is. And if a performance is not good the parent is called, so it shows that they show a lot of interest. Which it shows that it is not just teach the learners, get the money and go. It’s not just the money- it’s to improve the education of the students.”

Harrington Masula, a parent of three students at Chitsanzo Private Primary School explains his choice to send his children here instead of the free government school down the road. Chitsanzo was founded in 2013 by Raphael Matthias, a former government school teacher. Continues Mr. Masula, “Raphael is really really helping the community!”

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