Rebecca Crook, ‘MANGULA, TANZANIA’, 2016, Museum of African Design (MOAD)


This is my future husband. At least that’s what he thinks after offering 100 cows and seriously discussing with Sam over 4 hours. As we waited for the Tazara train, he showed Sam and Zach pictures of his cattle and women from his tribe. “You can have two women if I can have her,” he said, pointing at me. Although Zach said he’s trade me for a measly 5 heifers, thankfully our train arrived before the men shook on the deal and we both left with each other’s pictures rather than rings. On another note, I got an offer of 400 and Zach once beat a man (who declared my hand in marriage as the prize) in an arm wrestle. To be a woman (in a patriarchal world) is a strange thing sometimes.

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