Rebecca Norris Webb, ‘South Wedge (Marianne's Dressing Room), Rochester, New York’, 2012, Robert Klein Gallery

About Rebecca Norris Webb

A poet and photographer, Rebecca Norris Webb unearths the elegiac qualities and forgotten narratives tied to specific locations, pointing her lens at seemingly unremarkable sights from unusual vantage points. In the “My Dakota” series, she processed her upbringing and brother’s death through the landscape of South Dakota, while her work in Rochester, New York, explores the city’s lesser-known feminist history. “It’s taken me much of life to understand and accept that my images are wiser than I am,” she has said. “It often takes me weeks and sometimes months to understand what they are trying to say to me.” Norris Webb has published several books that combine her photography and poetry.

American, b. 1956, Rushville, Indiana, based in Brooklyn, New York