Rebecca Ripple, ‘fid’, 2013, Klowden Mann
Rebecca Ripple, ‘fid’, 2013, Klowden Mann

Image rights: Rebecca Ripple

Dallas Art Fair 2014

About Rebecca Ripple

Rebecca Ripple’s drawings and sculptures exhibit tension between evocative forms and humble materials as they explore the dualities and paradoxes of cultural phenomena. Long consumed with issues of femininity and religion and their circulation as cultural forces, Ripple expresses this concern through her sculptures’ inclusion of religious icons and in materials she considers to be feminine. Her forms remain abstract, however, asking the viewer to feel through color and shape. Titles play an important role in the work, adding a discursive and intellectual element to her sculptures’ more instinctual elements. “I am interested in how meaning is contingent,” Ripple has said. “I think it is basic semiotics, but it is a way for me to get at a feeling, a state, or an aura.”

American, Huntington, NY, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States