Reena Spaulings, ‘Postcard display’, 2013, Galería Bacelos

About Reena Spaulings

Reena Spaulings is a fictional artist and gallerist, created by the countercultural collective known as Bernadette Corporation, that produces films, albums, books, and magazines. One of its permanent members, John Kelsey, is co-director with Emily Sundblad of Reena Spaulings Fine Art in New York City. Under the Spaulings name, an international array of artists have contributed work, including handmade flags—designed with brick patterns, caked with tar, and stained with red wine—pizza boxes transformed into monochromatic forms, and a self-titled collaborative novel, compiled from passages written by some 150 anonymous contributors. Set in present-day New York and featuring a female underwear model as its generic lead character, Reena Spaulings the novel is intended to be an act of resistance, with the blandness of its protagonist preventing the book and character from undergoing branding or being given a fixed identity.