Regina Scully, ‘Horizon 25’, 2016, Octavia Art Gallery

About Regina Scully

Regina Scully paints large-scale, tumultuous landscapes in acrylic on canvas or wood that occupy a space between abstraction and figuration. Aiming to capture the phenomenon of contemporary cities from the perspective of an embodied subject, so that viewers feel inside the work, Scully renders fragmented forms suggestive of architecture and the cramped spaces of urban life. To create her frenetic paintings, she adapts her process slightly with each work, building up color and line intuitively until a composition materializes. Scully has said that she intends to leave room in her work for imaginary and subconscious spaces, and that she considers her paintings to “contain myriad pathways for exploration into the personal psyche as well as the collective unconscious.”

American, b. 1975, Norfolk, Virginia, based in New Orleans, LA, United States