Remus Grecu, ‘Stolen Words’, 2017, KIRK Gallery

Remus Grecu’s paintings capture an intimate world taking place within the confines of his own studio. His work depicts a dark utopia, presented through a range of ritualistic elements: cabbalism, shamanism, at times even the absurd. Between this highly esoteric body of work and the world outside there is little relation. Universal laws, societal conventions, and arbitrary barriers have no place here. This is a world that draws inspiration from personal events – both actual and phantasmagorical – hidden in the artist’s past. Most of all, however, this world is the product of a unique and uncanny imagination.

Remus Grecu’s paintings pose more questions than answers, their objective being chiefly to prise open the doors of the imagination. His paintings attempt also to give form to a multitude of bodily effects: visceral intensities whose nascent possibilities cause a momentary suspension of narrative. Put simply, Remus Grecu highlights the glitches in the story we might otherwise call a ‘life’.

Recognising himself more as a director than a painter, Remus treats his work like stills from a motion picture. He follows a process which includes building his own sets and photo-shooting his subjects, before finally moving onto the paintings themselves. His work has an unfinished, ‘airy’, quality, while all the time imbued with an underlying sense of passing time. Above all though, his work alludes to the shapeless and eternal continuum, running beyond the physical borders of the paintings themselves.

Remus Grecu is a romanian-born (1976), London-trained, Stockholm-based painter.

He grew up in Bucharest. After having completed his education at the city’s renowned Art University, he began exhibiting his work in galleries across Romania.

Ten years ago Grecu relocated to London in an attempt to develop his style even further. For the last 5 years he has been livning in Stockholm.

About Remus Grecu

Romanian, b. 1976, Bucharest, Romania, based in Stockholm, Sweden