Remy Zaugg, ‘Verblasst, Verwischt, Geglättet, Abgefärbt, Erbleicht’, 1986-1992, Galerie Isabella Czarnowska

About Remy Zaugg

Rémy Zaugg’s preoccupation with seeing and blindness inspired him to create works that are difficult to behold. He is best known for his flat typographical paintings juxtaposing harshly clashing fluorescent colors that strain the eyes. Zaugg set short phrases in German, French, or English against pure, solidly chromatic backgrounds, so pristine as to leave no evidence of a human hand in their creation, such as in his pink and green silkscreen on aluminum piece entitled Schau,/ich bin/blind,/schau (Look, I am Blind, Look,1999).

Swiss, 1943-2005, Courgenay, Switzerland