Rena Bass Forman, ‘Big Sur California’, 2003, Winston Wächter Fine Art

A talented and prolific photographer, Rena Bass Forman’s work includes sepia and black and white photographs of landscapes, ruins, and vistas. Her romantic and dramatic images recall the work of great nineteenth-century painters and photographers who, like Bass Forman, traveled the world in search of natural wonders and emotive scenery. By using large format film to document some of the most spectacular settings on earth, her images accentuate the nostalgic and textural qualities of film photography. Bass Forman’s photographs are held in a number of prestigious collections, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the United States Embassy in Iceland.

About Rena Bass Forman

Inspired by William Bradford’s 1869 series “The Arctic Regions,” Rena Bass Forman’s sepia-toned photographs feature the otherworldly landscapes of the Arctic, Patagonia, and Yosemite. Passionate about the Arctic and its changing landscapes, Forman photographs collapsing glaciers, capturing fleeting scenes in impressionistic images that recall 19th-century American landscape painting. Appearing both ageless and otherworldly, her images are distinguished by their lack of color and meditative tranquility resulting from their compositional balance of light, land, and sky. Forman likened the stark beauty of the Arctic to the calm reverence of ancient Buddhist temples, which she photographed in Sri Lanka. Her career was marked by her quest for knowledge and enlightenment and her photographic pursuit of these ideals.

American, 1954-2011, based in New York, New York