Renata Egreja, ‘La Bague’, 2017, Zipper Galeria

About Renata Egreja

Renata Egreja’s paintings are based on her memories studying and traveling abroad, and evoke the palette and explosive visuals of a carnival. Egreja is native to Brazil, and has ventured through India, France, and the Middle East. While most of the elements of her works are abstract, they feature the occasional symbolic appearance of the Hand of Fatima, the Evil Eye, and stray letters from the alphabet. She composes each of her works in distinct layers, preserves her mistakes in a process that includes spilling, scrubbing, dripping, gluing, and spreading her materials on the canvases’ surface. The perhaps most distinctive quality of Egreja’s work is her vibrant palette. According to the artist: “I bring to my paintings colors that populated my childhood.”

Brazilian, b. 1984, Ipaussu, Brazil, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil