Renate Aller, ‘Atlantic Ocean, November, 2013 (#60)’, 2013, Adamson Gallery

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Series: Ocean | Desert

Signature: Artist label

Image rights: Renate Aller

About Renate Aller

The photographer Renate Aller focuses primarily on portraiture and landscape. She is best known for expansive, poetic images that visually unite two ostensibly different environments—the ocean and the desert. Her luminous yet quiet landscapes embody the qualities of classical portraiture, with the ocean or desert replacing the human subject. In the series “Oceanscapes—One View,” Aller photographed the Atlantic Ocean from the same vantage point on the east end of Long Island over the course of ten years. Although the point of view remains static, the seascape ebbs and flows, imbuing the subject with anthropomorphic moods and revealing a natural dynamism that would otherwise go unnoticed.