Renaud Regnery, ‘Runrepik’, 2014, Richard Taittinger Gallery

About Renaud Regnery

Renaud Regnery embraces the tension inherent in the idea of ornamentation. His paintings on canvas-mounted, mass-produced wallpaper and silkscreens beg the question: do accessible, attractive-yet-purposeless objects live up to their potential to enrich society or merely render it more banal? In overlaying the decorative paper and prints with spray paint and acrylic, he blurs boundaries as a means of exploring the aesthetic and psychological aspects of social conventions. Inviting further reflection on the importance of presentation, for his 2011 exhibition of these works, Regnery installed a raised platform across sections of the gallery floor, changing the angle at which the viewers saw the works as they moved through the exhibition.

French, b. 1976, Epinal, France, based in Berlin, Germany