René Boyvin, ‘SAINT JEROME’, Stanza Del Borgo

Fine impression, sharp and even, printed on paper with watermark Basler Stab, similar to Briquet 1281 and following.
The print, complete with framing line, is in very good condition.
This extremely rare print has been attributed by Robert Dumesnil to Boyvin. Stylistically this work shows the most distinctive features of the engraved work of the artist. Compared with his most certain engravings, it exhibits stringent similarities that make the attribution to Boyvin very plausible. The artist builds up the monumental figure of the saint with a peculiar engraving technique that combines the use of hatching with dots, achieving powerful plasticity effects.
Boyvin initially worked as an engraver at the mint of his native city, Angers. In 1545 he moved to Paris, where he worked first in the workshop of Pierre Milan, and then he undertake an independent career. He was one of the most inventive French engravers of the sixteenth century.

Robert-Dumesnil VIII, 2 I/II

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