Renzo Pasquale, ‘Linea Blu’, 2015, Gallery Loupe

About Renzo Pasquale

Derivative of his time at the School of Padua in Italy, Italian designer Renzo Pasquale’s work focuses on a non-commercial and anti-decorative approach that is based on pure shapes, moderation with materials, balanced proportions, and ongoing experimentation with new processes. Exploring the properties of metals such as gold, and minerals including rock crystal, black or opaque granite, and jasper, Pasquale’s work is evocative of the preciousness and preciseness of Euclidean geometries. Interested in the void and the interplay of opaque and transparent surfaces, Pasquale highlights the transformation of a design object in the artist’s hands and over time.

Italian, b. 1974, based in Padova, Italy