Ricardo Alcaide, ‘Shadow’, 2015, Baró Galeria

About Ricardo Alcaide

Ricardo Alcaide’s photographic practice is driven by a fascination for the architecture, inhabitants, and social issues of urban centers. Some of his most famous bodies of work are almost anthropological: his series “The Sitters” (2002-5) is comprised of studio portraits of London’s homeless, and “Passers-by” (2005-9) features photographs of pedestrians in Sao Paulo that he asked to don animal masks. Alcaide also produces digitally manipulated photographs, installations, and paintings, which take on similar themes in an architectural context. Building on previous works in “Outdoors” (2006-7) and “Houses” (2007), his most recent series, titled “A Place to Hide” (2010), is a meditation on impermanent or mobile homes.

Venezuelan, b. 1967, Caracas, Venezuela, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil