Rich Simmons, ‘Bombing for Peace (Red Edition)’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Image rights: Rich Simmons is a Contemporary Urban Pop Artist from London who uses stencils and has exhibited all over the world. Raising to fame with an iconic piece of street art of Will and Kate before the royal wedding, Rich has gone on to exhibit in some of the biggest galleries in London, Geneva, Tampa, NYC and LA. At first glance Bombing for Peace appears to depicts a large white peace sign against a background of bright red. However upon further inspection, one can identify that they are made up of individual hand grenades. In reference to the title, Simmons once again mocks fun at the concept of wars and their use of violence to achieve the opposite. In creating such an image, Simmons easily sends his message effectively regarding his stance on the matter in a playful manner.

About Rich Simmons

British, based in London, United Kingdom

Solo Shows

New York,
Rich Simmons: Misfits