Richard Anuszkiewicz, ‘ANNUAL EDITION’, 1997, Alpha 137 Gallery

Each year, Op Art pioneer Anuszkiewicz created a different limited edition print for close personal friends, family, and/or individuals who were influential in his career. This work is the Annual Edition for 1997. Anuszkiewicz's Annual Editions were not created for commercial use and were thus quite scarce, though now a number of these special personal gifts have been entering the secondary market as the artist's friends and associates are, sadly, passing on. This dazzling screenprint is hand signed in pencil with the artist's full name, and dedicated by the artist to his attorney Marty and his wife Roz.

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Signature: Signed and dated lower right and dedicated lower left in pencil to the artist's attorney and his wife; with the date, artist's name, and copyright printed on the verso

Publisher: Richard Anuszkiewicz

Dedicated by the artist to his attorney Marty and his wife Roz.

About Richard Anuszkiewicz

Combining an interest in the nature of perception with investigations into the visual and psychological resonance of color, Richard Anuszkiewicz produces paintings whose vibrant colors and geometric shapes seem to pop and pulsate off of the canvas. A student of Josef Albers and one of the leading practitioners of Op art and geometric abstraction, Anuszkiewicz explores color and form in his flat, vibrant abstractions, attempting to reveal the malleability of our perceptions of stillness and movement, depth and color.

American, b. 1930, Erie, Pennsylvania