Richard Anuszkiewicz, ‘YELLOW REVERSED (Signed)’, 1970, Alpha 137 Gallery

During the swinging 1960s and early 1970s, Art in America began an experiment where they would include an authentic, plate signed lithograph by a well-known Pop or Op artist of the era, folded within the magazine, as a bonus for their subscribers, and as part of an effort to introduce affordable prints to a wider audience. (In addition to Richard Anuszkiewicz, iconic artists like Robert Rauschenberg also participated in this program.) "Yellow Reversed" is an Op Art print by Anuszkiewicz, the founder of the Op Art movement here in the US. This print was offered inside the March–April 1970 issue of Art in America.
This work was hand signed for me personally by Richard Anuszkiewicz at his 2015 opening reception at the Loretta Howard Gallery in New York City. It is one of the few prints from the Art in America series that is signed in the artist's inimitable hand underneath the printed plate signature, making it a highly collectible print. The work is held in a gray matting die-cut so the signatures are apparent, and it is ready to be framed.
Published by: Art in America

Signature: Plate signed and dated 1970 as issued by Art in America; exceptionally, hand signed in black ink underneath.

Publisher: Art in America

Richard Anuszkiewicz personally signed this for me at his NYC art opening at Loretta Howard Gallery; so provenance is direct and irrefutable.

About Richard Anuszkiewicz

Combining an interest in the nature of perception with investigations into the visual and psychological resonance of color, Richard Anuszkiewicz produces paintings whose vibrant colors and geometric shapes seem to pop and pulsate off of the canvas. A student of Josef Albers and one of the leading practitioners of Op art and geometric abstraction, Anuszkiewicz explores color and form in his flat, vibrant abstractions, attempting to reveal the malleability of our perceptions of stillness and movement, depth and color.

American, b. 1930, Erie, Pennsylvania